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Preparing for the Call2Fall Journey

In spite of today's staggering moral decline, there are growing signs God is mightily touching His people. A rising number of believers and churches are seeing miraculous moves of God's Spirit. In fact, some churches are experiencing things so incredible only God can explain what is happening!

Yet, you may well ask, "If God is so mightily at work, why am I not experiencing His mighty presence and power? Why are other churches seeing such phenomenal moves of the Spirit and yet we are not?" The good news is you can experience God's mighty presence and power. God definitely wants to move in your life and your church! Continue Reading...

How to Meet God through this Journey

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God's Special Invitation to You

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These materials are drawn from Dr. Gregory Frizzell's book,

Returning to Holiness: A Personal and Church-wide Journey to Revival, and are used by permission. To order this book, visit or call 405-942-3000, extension 4517 or email


Sins of Thought

Sins of Attitude

Sins of Speech

Sins of Relationships

Sins of Commission

Sins of Omission

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